Abhishek Walimbe was born into a family with very little history in entertainment. He had dabbled with live performance in his teens as a lead guitarist with various bands. But as soon as he along with his business partner Prateek Nandan opened their Music Production company at the age of 23, it became clear that the world of sound was to dominate his career.


He was fortunate enough to work as an audio engineer at Ubisoft (Pune). He went on to work with various artists and bands as a part time. 


In 2014, he met Prateek who not only partnered with him, but joined forces with as a songwriting and performing partner for what became known as Foster BLACK. Their debut single, Zoya paved the way  t.o be the third highest viewed original on Being Indian Music in 2017



In 2017, Abhishek felt the need to share his extensive music and technical skills to help artists get their true sound in the music industry and has ever since been in the pursuit to help out artists.

Turseniya - Jaiyo Mat Jaiyo

Arrangement, Production, Mixing and Mastering

Turseniya - Kuch Keh Do Na

Arrangement, Production, Mixing and Mastering

Prateek Nandan - Jobless (Official Video)

Allister Martins - Dusk (Ft. Prateek Nandan)

Prana - Rafu (Cover)

Prateek Nandan - Tera Hi Karam (Cover)

Abhishek Walimbe - Longing

UNB - Kina Risako ll Bhotey Kukur EP

Prateek Nandan - Mirage

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Girliyapa - Controversy Ho Gayi

Girliyapa - The Period Song

TVF - Hostel Party Song

3Shool The Band -Phir Mulaaqat Hogi

Prana Band - Save Tonight

Enerzal - Taste The Spirit

Starboy - Foster BLACK Remix

3Shool The Band - Maa Tujhe Salam Revisited

Amorphia - Necromancers

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